Traveling the World. Are You Coming With?

travel.jpgHello subscribers!

I wanted to send you a quick note that I am currently one week from embarking on a travel journey I’ve been planning since 2005. Yep, it took 12 years to materialise and it is finally here!

I wanted to invite you to join me as I travel through 5+ countries in the next three months: Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Then, staring in September I will be traveling through California to New Zealand to then spend few months to a year in South East Asia.

You can travel with me by subscribing to my YouTube channel Soul GPS. I have uploaded a couple of videos already on my time here in Poland as well as couple of trips I recently took that took me from Death Valley, CA to the Sahara in Tunisia.

I hope to see you on YouTube and for our adventure to continue. Sending you all best wishes!


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