Turning Pain Into Meaning

Lighthousefellowship.pngHello subscribers! Thank you so much for sticking around during months of inactivity. I haven’t been writing many blogs since last summer, because life deemed that time as appropriate to dish me a series of events that would shake me to the core. After what happened, I knew that my life would never be the same.

But the new person that is emerging as a result, is more authentic and strong and carries an important message I intend to share via my new project, ‘Soul GPS.’ The project aims to help people realign with their internal compass to overcome abuse and create the life of their dreams.

In brief, since exactly a year ago, I’ve gone through a series of intense life awakenings that led me to exploring the topic of narcissistic abuse. This form of abuse affects all sectors of our society, from relationships, to families to work. Sadly, it has become so prevalent that it’s nearly gone invisible.

I will soon be posting more details about my story. For now, I wanted to share with you a video I made that dives into what happens when we make our external accomplishments determine our sense of self-worth. It may seem harmless on the surface, but in reality, it is dangerous as it sets us up for abuse. Have a watch.

Hope you enjoy and comment below : )


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