Mindfulness and Reconnecting with Source


This is an excerpt from a guest blog I published on ‘Mindful Life, Mindful Work.’ Thank you Jonathan for the opportunity!

We live in a fast changing world and I’m willing to bet that there are few people out there who don’t feel the pressures coming at us from all directions. Many don’t like their jobs, others, especially children, feel saddened by the environmental and social crises happening all around us. Despite the prevalence of communication tools and allopathic remedies promising a quick fix to human maladies, we seem to be heading in the opposite direction – that of illness, exhaustion and disconnection. Adding to the cocktail of mental and emotional stress, are heavy pollutants found in our food, air and water.

With so much to handle at once, it’s a short step to overwhelm. What are we to do? How can we untangle this dense ball of wax and not only neutralize the stress but begin to get a sense of real empowerment in our lives?

Read the whole post HERE

3 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Reconnecting with Source

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