My Book’s Anniversary + My Gift to You!

EarthMoonIn exactly one month, it will be one year since I published my first book, Moonchild. This story is very dear to me. It’s a semi-autobiography from when I was a fifteen-year-old rebel enchanted by the mystery of our existence and exploring the darker side of life. It also hints at some of the things that have captivated my imagination since I was young. Where did we come from? What exactly happened before the biblical flood? Did fallen angels really walked the earth? Is what’s written in the Bible really true? Why were some writings taken out? Was our planet visited by other beings? What happens to us when we die? Do spirits exist? And finally, is it possible to fall in love with one?

That is but a small summary of the of the things I explore in the book. Recently, a dear friend of mine read the book and she posted a review for me. I quote it below not to boast, but because she really grasped what I was hoping to convey. Better yet, Tina found themes that had eluded me but were there, such as at the virgin birth. That’s what I love about books – it’s an amalgam of the reader’s and the writer’s minds put together. As Stephen King put it so well in his book “On Writing,” and I paraphrase – if books are not a proof of telepathy, then I don’t know what is.

But books are close to non-existent unless they are read. And I want #Moonchild to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, I’ve decided to release it for free on my website. One chapter a week. Every Friday for 33 weeks. I was going to wait until December 6, but I can’t wait that long… Therefore, it shall begin now. Click here to read the first chapter.

MoonChild_FrontCoverTina’s review:

I read Moonchild on our trip to Honolulu and back, and found the story fascinating! I recommend it to anyone who wonders about universal themes about spirits and humans connecting, demigods, angels and demons, the lure and draw of the full moon, traveling through different dimensions of time and space with shamanism or reincarnation, myths, even the Virgin birth. Moonchild is well-constructed, the plot is woven very tightly to reflect the heroine’s family intrigue and history, while immersing Eve into her subculture of friends and edgy lifestyle that moves and draws her in, just has her own awareness of compelling feelings she has for a being who is reaching out to her from the spirit world. Throughout the book, Eve faces the choice of joining the unknown netherworld of sensual curiosity and timeless urges, or embracing her family and the love that grounds her to life.

Thank you for stopping by!



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