NEW RELEASE: “Moonchild” is Now Live

With deep humility and gratitude I present to the world my first novel “Moonchild,” a blend of real life events from my teen-hood, apocryphal myth and esoteric fantasy.

Writing “Moonchild” has impacted me on so many levels, the consequences of which inevitably got encapsulated on the pages of the book and reflected in the main character’s journey.  Its release I can compare to giving a birth to a living capsule of memories and attributes that now will get to re-live a new life in the minds of others. That thought alone is incredibly thrilling as it speaks to the transcendental nature of human experience, which again, was something that I had endeavored to capture in “Moonchild.”

I hope that you will peek inside. And when you do, you and I shall meet and experience a journey unlike any other.


Zwonarz’s coming-of-age tale functions on multiple levels: vision quest, family saga, spiritual memoir, paranormal mystery. Rich and sensuous descriptions of nature and the inner life, give the storyline a velvety lushness, which is deftly blended with page-turning suspense. If Nancy Drew and Rumi would have had a love-child, and raised her in the land of Oz, she might have looked and felt a lot like Moonchild. – J. Biscello, Author of Freeze Tag and Broken Land

Layered with both the mysterious and the mystic, the twists and turns in Zwonarz’s Moonchild will keep you guessing, and keep the pages turning. An impressive, original debut novel. -B. L. Bruce, Author of The Weight of Snow

Ewa Zwonarz superlatively weaves a story tapestry in her breakout debut novel Moonchild. The chilling dreams her main character experiences become more shockingly real for the reader as they turn each new page. – R. J. Jeffreys, Associate Editor of the Tiferet Journal and Executive Producer of Tiferet Talk Interviews Radio

In this coming-of-age tale that blends myth, mystery, and the magic of storytelling, we enter the world of a fifteen-year-old seeker named Eve. Growing up in rural Poland, Eve’s small-town existence is radically transformed by a series of lucid dreams, influenced by the moon, in which she is exposed to Sariel, a fallen angel. Sariel’s cryptic messages, and demands for Eve to free him, draw her deeper and deeper into an ancient story of love, loss, and redemption. Eve’s desire to heed the callings of her inner-life are confronted and challenged by family secrets and growing dysfunction, and her increasing alienation from her peers at school.

Determined to find out who she really is, and the truth about her family legacy, Eve undertakes a quest, guided by a strange boy who calls himself Punk, in which dreams and reality merge, and a buried past is brought into the light.

* * * * *

EWA ZWONARZ is a Polish-American writer and an avid researcher of myths, mysteries, and unified sciences, with the aim to uncover the truth behind human origins. Ewa is a recipient of several awards in journalism and film production, a published poet, and a blog author. She graduated valedictorian with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and works as a strategic analyst for a Silicon Valley startup. When she is not working, Ewa is traveling the world, collecting morsels of inspiration for her future projects. Moonchild is her first novel.



* * *

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