Reaching for the Moon: Reflections on the Value of Achievement

DreamIt was December 7, 2009 when I wrote the first scene of my upcoming book “Moonchild.” Five years later, almost to the day, what used to be a dream, a mere possibility, is becoming a reality, as this is the day when the book will be published. Five years. But so it is with big dreams and visions. While they come to us in a flash, they can take years to cultivate before an idea can bear fruit.

In today’s society, where the “now generation” dictates the market and the world revolves at a breakneck speed, the old adage still stands – they take time and toil, those things worth working for. But first, we need to know what it is that we want…

Desire. Before we can achieve anything, we must truly want it. Desire thus is the foundation of any accomplishment. But in order for it to sustain and fuel a process that will no doubt be testing and trying, it helps when the desire reaches deeper yet, beyond the thrill of reaching the outcome. Its scope then can expand to include an aspiration such as to become a more self-realized human being, an achievement that can never be taken away by any force or entity.

Action. We can have all the desire in the world but it we sit and wait for the results to come to us and never take action, we might as well wait forever. Just as everything we see around us was once an idea, a thought in someone’s mind, none of it would ever come to pass unless the dynamic force of action transmuted the thought into something tangible. Looking back, I find that the first step I took five years ago was indeed half the journey. If I could write one scene, I thought to myself, I could as well write another. This attitude changed everything. Six months later I had accumulated over 300 pages. They might have note been very good, but the frame was set. Action begets action.

Perseverance. Obstacles are guaranteed to spring up on the path. Suffering is bound to arise and fear along with its cousin doubt are often spotted walking alongside the seeker. All those are but tests that have a refining effect on the character, much like heat and pressure that transform coal onto diamonds. What kind of an attitude overcomes such tests and power the will to persist? I believe it is a mixture of enthusiasm and faith in oneself.

Standing on the precipice of the culminating moment of this climb, it feels strange to have arrived. The view is spectacular, the sense of achievement unbridled, but the air here is still and quiet. There are no standing ovations, no laurel leaves and no gold medals. In fact, any outside consequences would pale in comparison with the effect my attaining this goal has on my inner world. What pulsates gently at the center of this experience is the realization that the journey itself was the prize because it changed me and instilled within me the belief that with enough desire, time and focused action, we can achieve anything.


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