So Much Here…

santorini[Written about twelve hours ago…] It is a beautiful sunny morning in Santorini. My flight departs at 2 pm local time, heading for Athens. The last four days have been amazing. I know, what a cliché, overused word. But truly, the island has grown on me in a very touchy-feely way that few places before ever had. It’s gotten under my skin and I feel that as I move forward on my trip, I will take a piece of it with me.

When I travel, I like to chat it up with the local people and thus get to know the culture first hand. It is not always easy. Depending on a place, people can be more reserved, or too assertive. It’s been lovely here. The people in Greece are a wonderful blend of respectful and open. It is easy to start up a conversation and get a sense of a very warm welcome, not just the way a host meets a guest but in a much broader sense – human to human.

This morning, I feel a pronounced tenderness swirling in my heart. I’m actually sad to be leaving (doesn’t happen often, as I genuinely love where I live, and now I’m also well aware that another adventure is waiting just around the corner). Still, the feeling lingers and it is time for me to catch my ride to the airport so I best take my own advice and turn around the way I’m seeing this particular circumstance.


From Depravity to Abundance

It is easy to fall into the depravity mentality when we feel like something is slipping away. But there is a way to deal with it in a positive and constructive way, by turning the situation on it’s head and once more – as you can see I’m a huge fan of this attitude – changing the way we “look at things.”

This moon-shaped Greek island has become a part of me now; and with it all the experiences I had and the people I encountered are now flowing through my veins. It is an enriching thought. The connections I’ve made will forever be mine, and contribute to shaping who I shall become. What I’m most excited about is how my experiences will influence my writing [insert a gasp here]. Speaking of, as I endeavor to make final revisions to “Venus,” having just traveled, I feel I will be able to add much more depth and flair to the story and its characters.


Beware of Your “Onlys” and “Alreadys”

I remember my first day on the island, it took me five hours to finally get out of my room. Two voices were battling in my head – one kept saying “get outside! you didn’t travel thousands of kilometers to sit inside!” while the other, much quieter and composed one whispered, “Take as much time as you wish. You are free, you deserve it. Take in the flow. Go only when you truly feel moved to go.” Thus, it is already 3 pm became it is only 3 pm, and I have the whole evening to explore! Indeed, it was one of the best days I’ve had because I listened to that voice and it influenced the rest of my stay on the island.

Rewind to another travel adventure almost two years ago, when with a look of dread, I looked at the balance of my online bank account. “What happened?” mom asked (I was using my home in Poland as a base for exploring Europe). “I just checked my balance. I only have X amount of money left,” I said. Being used to a constant by-monthly inflow, seeing the digits diminish was unnerving. “No,” mom bent over towards me, “You have that MUCH!” Instantly, I felt more abundant. She was right. It was all a matter of perspective. I didn’t have huge overhead and I wasn’t planning on staying in five star hotels. Few more calculations later, I realized I can proceed with my travel plans and in the end had more left over than originally estimated.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of depravity mentality. So celebrate what you have now and don’t let what the world (usually media) tell you what you’re worth because I assure you, you are worth a thousand times more, and knowing that in itself is priceless.

2 thoughts on “So Much Here…

  1. A great post, reminding us that we can control how we view our lives. I was lucky to visit Santorini for a day trip, from Crete. It is the most beautiful place, and I’d like to stay for longer next time.


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