Matrix Energetics

heart_chakra2I’ve always had a hard time with meditation choosing different forms of “meditation-in-motion” over sitting still (think running, hiking, weight lifting, yoga – I know, hardly calming but focusing on the movement effectively stilled my mind).

With time I realized that I was not the only one struggling with the practice so I made the commitment to meditate for eight minutes each morning. Why eight? Because flipped on its side it looks like the infinity symbol. I know… the tricks. Then I missed few days. Then eight minutes became five. Then I missed few days more.

So I was thrilled when mom introduced me to the technique I share below.


Heart Melt

What I love about my mom’s experience is that she is not just reading about it but actually doing it. Huge difference there, said the self-proclaimed theorist. Having had the experience herself, she was able to quickly pass the practice onto me.

Mom’s been reading Richard Bartlett’s books lately, a healer who’s built a bridge between the mind, heart and body by using quantum science (for a full disclaimer, I have not read his books. Yet.).

While it is super juicy when someone who loves you unconditionally sends you the “green vibes,” I find is very calming to do the practice on my own, especially during the hectic days. I swear, it’s stronger than chamomile tea and works instantly! Oh and the green part is wholly my invention. You can imagine a different color but since in the chakra scheme the heart exudes green hues, green works for me.


From scattered to focused…

… in one gentle sweep

The Practice

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Take a couple of grounding breaths and then focus on the tingling sensation in your head (aka, the “scattered” energy). Consciously, move that sensation down to your heart.

Imagine your heart being a door, a gateway that you can literally open. Do so, open the door and let in the light. It can be a steam of swirling energy or a cascading column of effervescent luminosity. Notice it, let it in, let it fill you with its energy. Focus on the breath and feel into it, and before you know it, the five minutes will be over and you will be filled with fresh power to help you seize the day.

Cheers for now!



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