It’s Time to Rock Your World!


fresh_fullRested & Ready to Rock! Back from my vacay in Mexico and I’m more inspired than ever to live my life to the fullest and BE the best version of myself I can be. Attribute it to several nights of good sleep in successive order or the silent craving for new action that slowly arises after each sunset and subsequent night of strolling through town, traversing the all too familiar pathways, I never thought I’d say it, but maybe there is such thing as too much rest? OK, ‘too much’ maybe sounds too hardcore for our chronically stressed out culture, but perhaps ‘enough’ is the right term.

Regardless, as I was wrapping up my first workday in over a week, at the office, I suddenly became overwhelmed with a desire to do so much and very quickly. I have a website to create, chapters to edit, pictures to collect, blogs to write, messages to spread, etc. etc. I have a whole marketing campaign to design, for goodness sake! And I want to do it all NOW. Wary of impending burnout, I held this feeling like a melting snowflake on my palm, my mind racing to capture the message that would remain after its geometry disintegrated: The thought itself is enough NOW. Feeling into the result is enough. Each day is an opportunity to move a vision forward, one inspired step at a time… beginning now.

Banishing “If-Onlys” Just as it is impossible, or at least impractical, to write an entire novel in one sitting, it takes days of a vision’s unfolding to birth a project. Each step follows organically from the previous until a foundation becomes a floor and eventually a fully erect edifice stands in when once was empty space. Idea becomes series of thoughts and finally becoming a tangible ‘thing.’ It is the waiting for the perfect moment to begin that gets in the way and creates impeding obstacles in a place where no obstacles exist. All of us are capable of generating a list of conditions that would comprise the building blocks of our perfect world. Except there is no way that those conditions will coalesce all at once in the perfect configuration of an environment in which to manifest our dreams. Creating these conditions is a part of the process, the so called “journey” that is a huge part of the reward that comes with arrival. It’s like tilling the soil and planting seeds. In fact, it is the real juice, as the arrival, or harvest, lasts mere moments before we’re off again moving towards bigger and better things.

So don’t delay. There is no reason to wait for the perfect moment that will never come. Create the conditions now and the best and fastest way to do that, is to drop into your heart center where nothing but pure love and knowing resides, and FEEL into the life you wish to live NOW. Feel it in your core and let it radiate outwards, letting it go without any expectations, touching others with its light on the way. And if you are moved to action that results from the feeling, go for it! It’s a step in the right direction.


Clearing the Way It’s all in the mind. If I look around (I happen to be at a marketing summit at the moment with lots of jolly participants chattering away and munching on their lunch), I see no obstacles to manifesting my vision. There is a lot of commotion, as is usually the case in this busy world, but that does not detract from moving forward with a plan or at least a sense of direction fueled by passion. Clearing the inside path is key. Is there anything that stands in the way of you making the next step? Identify it. Feel it. Watch it melt away. Even if you’re dealing with hardship, following your heart’s desire can only up level your current situation. Take a small step in that direction and watch your reality upgrade. Dare to think big, dare to feel your dreams. Dare to begin. Happy Manifesting!

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