In Search of the Sweet Spot

ImageI’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon over the past several years since I started this blog. Not many people care about my inner meanderings (why should they?) but I always get a very positive response when I post about diet or exercise (read, more hits and likes). And it makes sense, actually, since, as I described in my previous entry, a healthy body forms the basis, the foundation for everything else we may want to accomplish. And there is always room for upgrade. Our health and vitality, generally speaking, is what we exert most control over, as unless you we in prison, we can always choose what we put inside our mouth. Bite by bite, brick by brick, we build a dilapidated shack or a temple. Our body is our primary and ultimate home. It pays off dividends to take care of it. When the body thrives, so does the mind.

Where Paleo Chops and Raw Smoothies Shake Hands

You know the seemingly irreconcilable world of quantum mechanics and relativity that physicists from all over the world have been painstakingly trying to bridge in an effort to set the ground for a unified field theory? I view vegan and meat based diets in a similar fashion. Okay, the idea is still fresh, it came to me last night.

When you do any research on diets online or in a bookstore, chances are you will notice a trend. There are diets that either cater to die hard vegetarians, mainly emphasizing the “hygienic” nature of such eating style with its cancer lowering benefits, or the Atkins, South Beach or not most recently, the Paleo type carnivore diets that promise fat loss and lean tissue gain when coupled with a sound exercise program. I’ve tried both (I was raw vegan for almost three years in my early twenties, turned beefeater in my early thirties) and noticed that each works for a different reason.

It was after I learned about metabolic typing from my trainer that I realized that each diet or a blend thereof works for a different body. While some people thrive on higher proteins, some can hum along eating leaves and fruits. I happen to be the type that lives right smack in the middle of the two with a 45-35-20 ratio of carbs-proteins-fats. Now, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, your foods ideally consist of natural whole food sources, nothing processed or man-made that wouldn’t otherwise live in nature. If you want to learn more about metabolic typing, click here.

The mixed types (such as myself) have it the hardest to come up with a blend of ideal nutrients at each meal. While I try not to be super strict and osess over it, I am finding a new way that feels good so far that blends about 60% of my knowledge and experience with raw foods (carb) that are so cleansing with about 40% of low starch clean proteins and fats. So far, it is working!


My Detox Update

I’ve been experiencing continual improvements here on my front. My sleep’s been deep and speckled with lovely dreams. I feel best when I go to bed around 10 pm when the body is most effective as conducting repairs, and then I’m naturally up around 6-7 am feeling refreshed. My energy levels are still stabilizing but I’m already experiencing compound improvements. I feel more power and spring in my body when I run and lift weights. I feel like dancing more. I feel more sexy. My focus is better. I did slip off a tad yesterday with a second coffee, albeit weak, but I let it go and move forward with a better plan for today. Here is a small update for you all, in case you’re curious:

Day 9 (Friday) – I finished with devouring a turkey meatloaf at whole foods after an archery practice (around 8 pm), as I was starving. Before that, I had a jar of my blended gazpacho that was actually green because of all the kale that floated in it. I had my soup and a handful of almonds and peanuts around 4 pm. I came home with my GF and topped the night off with ice cream I made in my new toy. I had to show off what it can do. It turned out more sorbet-ish but it was very yummy.

Recipe (measurements are approximate):

Blend all the ingredients together:

3 cups of frozen wild blueberries

1 cup of frozen organic raspberries

1 apple banana

2 scoops of vega vanilla protein powder

1 tsp of Camu Camu

2 cups of coconut water

1 cup of almond milk

I went to bed with a very full stomach as I ate most of the mixture myself but the next morning I was fine, no bloating. Though I had to get up a lot at night because of the high water content of the dessert. Ah, the perils of late night hydration…

Day 10 (Saturday) – Started the day with my usual almond milk latte (half-caf Peet’s blend of organic Gaia and the new decaf Nabusimake) and chocolate protein chia pudding with a bunch of superfood powders mixed in, such as raw cacao, maca, spirulina, etc. By the way, I’ve been also adding turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg to my coffee. The color looks interesting but the taste is awesome. Turmeric, as you may know, helps with inflammation and I’ve always wondered how I could add more to my diet.

After my morning training session at the gym (second month with my trainer who helps me build core musculature to help prevent low back pain – I may write about this someday as the benefits of his training have been priceless in terms of helping not only with pain but growing overall strength and balance along with new layers of muscle), I had a large salad I ate in two sittings full of colorful veggies + sliced turkey breast. My body needed the protein but my digestion was not as smooth with this meal as it’s been with the smoothies. Understandably so. I snacked on almonds and strawberries most of the afternoon while spring cleaning my place with my sis and ended the day with the same green smoothie I had on Friday (recipe in previous post), except that I also added a handful of frozen blueberries, which I didn’t blend, only stirred in. It was like one of these Japanese tapioca shakes with floating purple balls. Intoxicatingly delish.

Today my plan is hit the racks at the gym (my energy is getting really high and muscles beg to be exerted), stay on track with a high percentage raw foods, perhaps adding a salad with a chunk of bison or egg frittata later on. Unfold my short story I am now writing a bit more. Look at web design options. Relax. Be. In other words, before I commit, let’s first see what the day brings..


I want to thank all my blog readers and stopper-bys to this site for liking my page and reading my scribblings. Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to address in my posts. I will keep writing about ways to upgrade the body as thinking of and practicing such material makes my world go round. Still, please bear with me as I occasionally share an inner finding or two that stems from a source other than cleaning up my act.

4 thoughts on “In Search of the Sweet Spot

    • Thank you for the positive comment! It always fascinates me how the two are indeed intimately connected and how much power we have each day to uplevel our state of being by nurturing our minds with positive thoughts and bodies with nourishing food. Have a lovely day!


  1. Would give you 100 thumbs up for this post, but have only two (and both are up now) 🙂 So many people don’t realize how important is right diet (ok, healthy to be more specific) and active life (fitness) to maintain healthy body and mind together.


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