Flexing the will muscles before the holidays

fitpicGearing up for the holiday abundance with all its sweetness and glimmer can chip away at healthy routines and make it harder to resist temptations, which in effect makes it harder to bounce back after successive treat nights.

To get a leg up at prevention, I drafted up two workouts  – a gym routine anyone can do that covers the entire body. This will not only help get you get toned all over but also hopefully make that great feeling that comes after a solid workout linger a little longer. Furthermore, working out prior to partying, can create a metabolic deficiency making it easier to burn off the feasts.

As Tony Robbins once said, and I paraphrase here: nothing tastes as good as feeling healthy feels.

The approach I recommend:

  • Day 1 – workout 1
  • Day 2 – workout 2
  • Day 3 – cardio
  • Day 4 – workout 1
  • Day 5 – workout 2
  • Day 6 – cardio
  • Day 7 – rest and pamper yourself!

Okay, here we go!

Workout One [frontal & inner legs + back & biceps + rectus abs]

Warm up – 5 minutes (light cardio or Crossfit walk)

Repeat each circuit 2-3 times (for 10-20 reps each)

Circuit One

  • LEGS & ABS: Deep Squats (knees never completely straighten to keep tension)
  • ABS, LATS & ARMS: Seated cable pull-downs with wide grip, bar to chest, squeeze shoulder blades
  • ABS & LOW BACK: Sit-ups with straight legs on the floor

 Circuit Two

  • LEGS, ABS & BICEPS: Walking lunges with dumbbell bicep curls
  • BACK, ABS & BICEPS: Bent over rows with a barbell (slow and steady, squeezing your shoulder blades)
  • ABS & LEGS: Leg raises for abs holding onto a steady object, lifting hips high

 Circuit Three

  • ADDUCTORS & ABS: Side to side squats holding a plate (for inner thighs) superset with adductor machine
  • UPPER BACK: Seated cable rows
  • WHOLE BODY: 30-60 second plank holds

Workout Two [back & outer legs + chest & triceps + obliques]

Warmup – 5 minutes (light cardio or Crossfit walk)

Repeat each circuit 2-3 times (for 10-20 reps each)

Circuit One

  • LEGS & ABS: Deadlifts holding a barbell (soft knees at decline, squeeze glutes at the top)
  • CHEST & ARMS: Lying chest flyes with dumbbells
  • ABS: Side V-ups

 Circuit Two

  • LEGS, ABS & TRICEPS: Walking lunges with kickbacks and dumbbell triceps extensions
  • CHEST: Cable chest presses
  • ABS: Side planks

Circuit Three

  • ABDUCTORS & ABS: Cable side leg kick-outs (for outer thighs) superset with abductor machine
  • CHEST: Elevated pushups (hands on elevated surface, go slow and deep) superset with tricep dips on bench
  • WHOLE BODY BLAST: 3 rounds of 5-10 burpees (30 second break in between)

I used technical names for most exercises so that you can look up proper form on YouTube or Bodybuilding.com.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions and how you enjoyed this workout!

Blessings galore,


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