Take a Break

ImageEvery so often comes a time when I know the time has come to unplug. Literally. From everything. Rewind to November 1…

The four of us (me, sis + two girlfriends) wake up at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco after a whole night of partying, celebrating friend’s birthday with a delicious Spanish fare followed by live performance by Daft Punk and wild dancing all the way back to the hotel. My head hurts as if the skull is about to split open like an overripe watermelon. Last night was a ton of fun but knowing when to apply the breaks in this moment to me is as valuable as Aristotle’s insight into anger management (“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”) So finding now to be the perfect time to halt the party train, with thanksgiving and all the December festivities looming dangerously close, to replenish, renew and regenerate, I take my vow. And boy, was it ever the right decision!

I begun by intending to make November the detoxing month, read not a drop of vino till the turkey day, more exercise, less sugar and salt, etc. etc. Little did I know where this ride would take me. Once my sleep restored, I was naturally encouraged to eat healthier, which led to much more increased energy levels until my workouts reached new levels. But all that was only the beginning. The salt and sugar induced swelling receded from my skin, which begun to glow and muscles started to pop out all over the place (it is true what they say that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. C’mon! The most intimate thing we ever do is eat – it actually becomes us!) I added regular steam room sessions and even booked a massage and a facial. Things were starting to get interesting. This was serious pampering.

I hardly went out the entire week of November other than on bookstore dates and on long autumn walks. Distressed with an emptier mind I started to crave knowledge so I started buying books like mad and picking up half read tomes to finish what I had started. I started to write more and better too, the scenes in the current novel I am writing becoming deeper and more vivid. Even though I haven’t taken a day off work, it feels as if I had taken a month of vacation. I would only do what I felt like doing, be it seeing a movie, cooking or staring at the ceiling (knowing that I could, I was hardly idle). Spending this much time without distractions allowed me to delve deeper into myself and get to know myself much better – a priceless gift, may I add.

The books and aimless thinking made me journey into my past, starting with my childhood and then going even deeper, my dreams becoming a colorful mélange of images that sometimes impressed upon my days more than my waking existence. I was starting to remember fragments of memories from what could seem like past lives. Intrigued, I read about past live regression and four days later met a woman doctor who conducts such sessions. Just upon meeting each other, she told me things about myself that only my closest family knows. I was blown away. The following day at the spa, as I was receiving my treatment from a very interesting lady, my mind was swept by a vision. I saw us in the land of ancient Egypt as two young priestesses preparing each other for solstice rituals. I told her about this at the end of the session and she said she also saw things that were actually manifesting in the room that made me gasp, such as the presence of my spirit animal of which up till then no one knew about.

This post is a reminder to be gentle with ourselves, to honor ourselves, take the necessary time to reconnect and renew. With the rush of commitments coming that may make us feel like we are being torn in so many directions, please remember that unless you take care of you, it is virtually impossible to take care of anyone else. All the things that happened in November made me remember that I am a part of an intricately woven web that has the power to turn the ordinary into the magical. Step my step, as the impediments that obscured the luminescence of life fell away, a shimmering radiance was reveled with which I get to shower my friends and loved ones now. Giving myself the time to do whatever I wanted was the best gift I could’ve offered myself. Now I intend to go even deeper…

Happy December!

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