Be more YOU!

beyouYesterday was quite a dynamic day for a colleague of mine. She is one of the youngest executives in the Valley with an incredible stream of accomplishments behind her and bright future ahead. Each time we speak, I realize how crucial each step, each decision she takes each day is in determining and bolstering her path.

One of the greatest traits I admire about her is that she is a leader who empowers, rather than one who only seeks to take credit for success. She shared something with me yesterday that I feel compelled to share with you all today. It is something I always believed in and here it is again – a confirmation from a tremendously successful leader.

Being an executive in a male dominated company with shifting priorities has been anything but easy. Lately, she told me, her days have in particular felt like pushing a rock up a hill. Encountering a wall of egos operating under their desire to be “helpful” and disguising as “guides” in reality has been making her feel like she is too young and stupid to run the company and was chipping away at her sense of control and confidence. And as she always does, she responded to the challenge brilliantly and straight from her heart.

Calm but relentless in her communication she unattached herself from the outcome and clearly stated what she wanted and expected from her colleagues in order to feel empowered in her executive role. The receptivity she garnered by daring to be FULLY herself and standing up for her needs, not only took the weight off her shoulders (speaking her truth) but also made her energized about taking next steps as a leader.

“I’m not sure what’s held me back for this long,” she told me. “In that moment I realized that it is time for me to step up my game, to be more fully me! This is even the thing that my family expects and deserves. How can be truly there for them if I compromise? I need to be more fully ME. Only then I can truly lead!”

I wanted to cite this example because I believe it to be universal and have the potential to seep into all aspects of our lives.

Yes, be more YOU! I said it before but I will keep saying it because no matter your goals in life, we can get forever lost trying to please others. That’s not to say that having role models isn’t good. Role models are great if not necessary to help form a solid vision of the best version of ourselves. But ultimately, it is about more fully inhabiting our bodies and minds and following our heart’s desires. So be more YOU because the world needs more of YOU whether it’s YOU showing up in a relationship, YOU as a teacher, manager, writer, actor or doctor. It will only make you more beautiful and empowered. That and only that can lead to lasting fulfillment and happiness and a world filled with great achievements. In my humble opinion, of course…

Cheers to YOU Beautiful!

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