Growth vs. Assumptions

box power“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”
― Lou Holtz
How often do humans, as awesome as we are, get stuck in a rut and a belief system that is not only destructive to ourselves but also to those around us? We live in a dynamic world. Recorded information, shapes of matter, fragments of thoughts…  Little bits of data float combining endlessly into new patterns and arranging into various scales and sizes of “stuff” we give meaning, only to break down and re-combine again. Largely, the meaning is subjective, sometimes short-lived  And nothing wrong with that! But just imagine the vast possibilities for combinations, not to mention interpretations! Hence, the importance of having an “open mind” and experimenting, playing – if you will – with all that is and can be, especially as it relates to YOU!
Now, for some hopefully relatable juice.
If you’ve been reading the self-empowerment scramble of my blog that it is, you know this is not the first time I’ve done this – taken yet another leap of faith, a sharp turn off my seemingly  straight heading path (that’s only a joke, by the way, no paths are straight). I went though another self-inflicted mutation, an alteration of mind and body to boot. A long time advocate of veganism, I decided to “try” another way of living that ended up more grounded and – lo and behold – with less back pain.  I also changed my training routine but the diet, it seems, was more crucial than training, influencing how well I could perform and how I felt. Even if you are putting in extraordinary effort but then go home and eat pizza, you are wasting your time. The next morning, all that effort will be undone. So, the diet had to be fine-tuned first. Upping my protein (clean, organic sources only) and eliminating anything man-made, has made an impact. I feel denser, look leaner and think…different. I am definitely astounded by the results two months after making the “change.”
If you feel stuck in your skin, really take a look at your diet. You might be sabotaging your best efforts and not know it (or know it but choose to have that ice cream anyway). Not all diets are for all people. Investigate. Learn. Inquire. Your best is waiting! One of the best tools to quickly see the patters is to start a food journal. 
What the experience did (and still is doing) is making me see how clearly making and holding onto assumptions for such a long time (over a decade), kept me stuck in a feeble body with an achy spine. That there was enough to make me not live at my optimum levels. And it really makes me want to investigate how many other assumptions that are not serving me I am clutching onto like a purse of long devalued, inflation-stricken cash. 
While I go investigating some more (and hopefully you will too!), below is a cool short High Intensity Workout you may wish to try at home, with the intention to burst out of your old skin. Enjoy!
Repeat for 3-5 rounds, depending on how super-human you feel:
10 deep squats
10 pushups (hands elevated, if needed)
10 V-shaped sit-ups
10 chair dips
Limit rest time, watch your form (check out vids online, if in doubt), keep your abs tight and shoulders back, blast some good tunes and go to town!
While you’re at it, if you are not gasping for breath, ask yourself: what assumptions am I holding on to that are halting my growth? 
Please share if you feel inspired and Dare to be the Best you can be!
Till next time.

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