Enter the Flow

FitnessFeet“When we walk, the two halves of our brains converse.” – Julia Cameron

This morning I ventured out of the warm coffee smelling abode of mine and entered the fresh chill of the morning. Half of my brain was still asleep and dreading what was about to occur. After a short stretch in the driveway, and few crooked glances from neighbors on their way to work, I hit the ground pounding. I admit, the first quarter mile was full of grit and resistance. But then, the clouds started to recede and the breathing grew more effortless. I am not a runner by any means but huge believer in moving through obstacles, especially when the side effects are as rewarding.

Half a mile in, the night static had largely fizzled out for the most part and freshness was taking residence in my brain. Like meditation in motion, I was basking in emptiness, watching sights passing by, people with dogs, people without dogs, students with backpacks, servicemen maintaining the park’s cleanliness. I looked up to see the morning sky and back down at the ground slipping under my feet. I let the green of the grass soothe my eyes. I felt the fast beating of my heart and listened to the cadence of my breath. My flushed cheeks and silly smile may have  inspired a mother-two daughters walking trio I exchanged glances with many times looping the path because by the third round, they too were running.

Running. Walking. Strolling. Dancing. Moving. As I mentioned in my previous post, movement does wonders to our souls. There are no limits to the expression of motion in space, each hand gesture more unique than a snowflake sends ripples into the farthest corners of cosmos, the collective soul of All Being.

Stretch Your Imagination

Sinking deeply into the opening of muscle fibers, joint socket or any space that cracks open like a window also offers multitude of benefits. The cells hold information that sometimes yields like a snail when properly nudged. If you like to hunt for insights, you may enjoy the passive receptivity of stretching, following the secret tendon bridges into the  meadows of your spirit. Just be wary and don’t force it. The flow blossoms in effortlessness.

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone & keep moving.


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