For the Creatively Gifted & Bodily Challenged…

move!The body says what words cannot.

-Martha Graham


Will the ones amongst us who think they need to move more please stand up!

Us writers, office workers, architects, teachers, doctors, students, computer programmers, CEOs, the list goes on – think chair-bound – have something in common. And it ain’t pretty. Besides our mad and novel pursuit for turning information into knowledge, and hopefully the latter into wisdom, we sit a lot. Yep, nothing profound about that. And yet, by omitting to give the body what it really craves – think movement, not food– we deny ourselves the myriad of gifts the body can offer, the insights that the material self can only yield while in motion. If you feel, as I do more-less daily, that movement is something that needs to climb upwards on your ladder of daily activities, read on.


Think Niagara Falls

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.

-Martha, once more… (she was a brilliant one)


If you look at the cascading waters of the falls, you may notice a very simple yet profound truth running in the background of time – no moment is the same. Each nano, pico, atto second is UNIQUE. And so are you. In each moment, you have an opportunity to tap into a richness that is as vast as the universe. For many of us, these creative riches remain out of reach, spinning away behind the locked, frozen wall of mundaneness and repetition. Overtime, many succumb to the known at the expense of the mysterious.

In light of that, I felt a call to write a series of blog entries that follows a simple process of unwinding the body from days if not weeks of even years of slumber, while the mind worked overtime. Yes, my friends, in the mad mental rush of our day, the bodies have a lot of catching up to do!

As a sedentary office puddle, I know how hard it is to get motivated to ditch the chair and up the digits on the pedometer. It is so much easier to just lie down and flick on the telly, especially when the mind is tired. But beware! The mental tiredness cues, are often just that – mental.

Chasing truth and mobility, I ended up a certified personal trainer (NASM CPT, 2012), yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance 200 hours, 2005), and dance instructor (HoopGirl Inc./Equinox Fitness). As a former feeble girl with too many ailments, aches and injuries to count, I can now say that after a long road to fitness and personal empowerment, I have something to share with our sedentary folks.


Uncoiling the Creative DNA

My passion is to write. As Ken Robinson put it more humorously than I ever could (link to his now legendary TED speech below), at the times of my deepest immersion my body serves as mere transportation device for my brain. All is well until, and I presume it is due to the slowdown of my metabolic processes, so decelerates and dulls my creativity. Ideas become waterlogged and sentences claustrophobic. This is a cue that it’s time for walk, a cat stretch or a glass of ice water at the very least.  When I feel particularly bold, I flick on my favorite music track of the week and paint the air with the palms of my hands while spinning in circles, the vortices I cause acting as mini black holes, sucking out stymied residue. And I do sleep better on those nights! I swear. Well, unless too many new ideas call for attention, in which case, my night is shot and I’m back to scrubbing my pad with a pen.

Some ideas to get you started: dance for 5 minutes to music or silence; go outside or open the widow wide and say Hello! to the sun, moon or the stars; gulp a glass of ice water (it speeds up metabolism by making our internal furnace shine brighter); reach for your toes and then the ceiling (or the sky) and then repeat as many times as you life as gracefully as you can.

Stay tuned to the upcoming entries on movement. We will start slow and gentle and then up the ante as your muscles head up and crave for more. Disclaimer: it can get addicting…

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