SATYA: The Magic of Living in Truth

“You cannot know your own strength until you call upon it. You cannot imagine the power of your love until you do what you love and stay with it. You do not know how the axis of everything you know will change— when you stop denying who you really are– and do the thing you came to do.”

-Tama Kieves


It took me over three decades to finally get here. But the journey from a subterranean realm of shadows, rock hard doubts and dark caverns of my longing eventually led me to a glorious beach at sunrise. It is never too late. Every house has a crack through which pours the freshness of promise that forever drifts in the air.

Up until now I lived in what I’d call a compromised reality.  The pleaser in me continued on trying to make everyone happy (without exceptions!), the achiever struggled to make it the “proper way” and the dreamer kept her head in the clouds along with that lopsided smile that could never quite break into a full grin and light up the skies.

What do all three identities have in common? They are false. They exist as a façade, a mask and a veil, one made of hard brick, one of fake solid gold and one of thin vapor. And they each hide that true, vulnerable essence that yearns to shine and unleash a hurricane. They sure can look solid sometimes, convincing and pretty even but their appeal will eventually lose all allure. Their rigidity will poke and stifle its wearer’s pale, bruised up face that needs sunshine to heal and raindrops to make well.  

What are we waiting for?

A wise woman once told me that she finds more security in mystery than in the known. I’ll add that – in the known my days look the same; they are calculated, boring even and predictable. It is beyond the edge of that cliff, and below the cloud banks that drift beneath is where an unexplored territory gleams and teems with abundance far greater and richer than all the retirement funds put together. It is a land called Adventure.

“Leap and the net will appear,” another wise woman whispered. Her words landed on a fertile ground, hardened a bit by caution and warnings thus they took few years to sprout. So I finally leaped to realize that her words were true.

So I am leaving behind the eye strain, the back ache and the extra layer that grew under my skin to protect me. I no longer need this protective coat! I no longer need an office or a stable apartment or a “sufficient” savings account because I trust that by living in truth, my needs will be met in time. I don’t need the excess money brings, in fact I am giving away most of my possessions so that inspiration in action can become my new job title and the world my home. Truth and trust are relatives.

So rather than continue to lose the remaining luster in my eyes and the shine in my hair, I am taking a stand for my life. I am venturing out and I mean it in a big sense. The biggest yet, in fact. The vision board of my imminent future just got busy with colors and shapes that used to reside in the “wildest dreams” category. I added few more daring accents here and there. Yes, I have made grand plans trusting that everything will fall into place. And I know that it will.

The plans were sketched three weeks ago. In preparing for my journey, here are few of the blessings that manifested since: my boss rewarded me with extra free time and money for telling my truth early (I quit my job, for those who don’t yet know), a colleague offered an unusual project completely aligned with my vision to bolster up my travel budget, I got free storage in my friend’s garage in exchange for personal training sessions, I am going on a free two week tropical retreat in exchange for my management services, and I am continually meeting new people and growing my team of Inspired Souls on a Mission.  And the greatest reward of all is the inner tranquility, sharp direction and a sense of clarity free of second guessing myself that took residence in my heart.

So what are you waiting for?

Come along! Taste the spring, feel the wind on your face, hear the rustling of leaves under your bare feet. Bathe in the waterfalls of your dreams. Their reality is closer than you think and with your commitment to live your heart’s desires, the world becomes a better, more joyous place. Come along, friend. Come out of your shell and maybe, along the way, you inspire a soul or two…

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