For awhile now, I’ve had this dream of traveling the world and collecting lost parts of myself along the way. Upon returning from this journey, I would no longer have to do anything that does not resonate with my highest ideals, read: no more daunting day jobs! Due to a variety of reasons ranging from restrictive relationships all the way through the most common (financials), I am finally free and able to see the image of me trekking exotic mountain ranges with a backpack in a sharper view. But this bud took a long time to manifest.

Purple Lights
Quite recently, I was presented with an opportunity to co-facilitate a women’s retreat with a lady I totally adore who is devoted to leading circles, workshops and retreats that nurture the divine feminine. She is sweet, sharp and super sexy, all wrapped up in a complete package. Her email to me was a true honor. The commitment would require me taking 7-10 days this coming fall to travel to Kauai to participate. Having made tentative plans already for this summer, namely to go home to Europe, I politely declined hoping the opportunity would resurface in 2013. Then, I called my mom…
Mom’s immediate response was that I do this and cancel my Europe trip. Duh! I did as she suggested and while I have not heard from the organizer yet, I feel that ever since I made the decision not to wait any longer but to start following my life’s path of passion now, I feel as if a storm of purple fireworks been exploding around me ever since. I feel really connected to my larger vision and purpose and just over the last few days, I’ve met new people, arranged meetings and trips, visited places, gathered information and got offers that are blowing my mind all the way into the stars.
So, I ask you – what makes you postpone living from your innermost desires NOW? What prevents you from saying yes to the life that you want? It really strikes me as profound to see how one decision made from my heart is snowballing and growing my world, the abundant garden of dreams manifest, in front of my very eyes. I am ecstatic these days and when I wake up and get ready to enter the office, I remember that this is just the means to an end, each day I am working towards making my world become just as I’ve dreamt it up, adding one more silky thread to the fabric, another color, new texture. And all it took was saying YES to something I truly wanted!

The Weight of Happiness
A really nice by-product of being on my path has been losing weight. To say that it was all attitude, would be an exaggeration, as it still takes work and dedication. But, regardless of my high intensity workouts and healthy diet, few pounds just wouldn’t melt. That’s until I started beaming with joy as I decided not to postpone the things that made me happy any longer and started to actually draw a concrete plan of action for myself. Additionally, I let go of most grains and that seemed to make a huge difference. I am finally starting to see the musculature of my stomach again (yaay!) and my energy levels have been rising. We will see how things continue on that trajectory; in the meantime, I’m trying to decide – gym or hot vinyasa tonight?


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