Digging for Myths

I decided to expand this blog to also include in it my love for story making.  I begin with a question that lives coiled up in the substrata of my creative self, one that often unconsciously guides my creative process and influences my decision making.

Imbued with imagination, do humans have the inherent need to create myth? In other words, is it a by-product of us trying to make sense out of the often chaotic onslaught of information that bombard our senses? Or do the seeds of our mythos already rest planted, dwelling deep in the dark caverns of our psyche, ready to unfold at our birth? I wonder…

My view may change as I grow and continue to gather experiences but for the moment I think that in addition to positively answering both of the questions above, I also dare to venture beyond the perimeters of this query and enter a territory that for many could border on fantasy. I believe that most of the events our experts quantify and shelve as “myth,” did manifest on our earthy plane as actual events. Although most definitely distorted and embellished overtime, these myths have fed the minds of our collective unconscious while fanning the fires of imagination, not to mention their many instances of causing torrents of controversy. Because you see, I suspect that our planet is very, very old. Much older than we can automatically conceive, and I don’t mean to emphasize it in the obvious sense of geology but rather in respect to earth’s many lost and evolving cultures. And that alone fascinates me more than anything!

The way I see the world, speaking poetically now, is that every grain of sand and drop of water holds within it eons of encoded history that forever shift with winds of change. And when in the present moment inspiration enraptures me, be it through a song or a person or a landscape, conjuring up history always magnifies the feeling. I believe Earth to be resplendent with magnificent stories that bubble and simmer across the surface of its crust. My mission is to capture these stories, mold them to my liking and bring them to light. I am inspired by our planet and the oldest of the old. My dream is visit ancient sites, touch the cornerstones of the oldest ruins and play in the deserts sands of memories. I also want to go into space.

Through understanding our origins, the past can help us grasp our present and provide insight into the future. I believe that more shall remain hidden than can ever be explained, especially in a single lifetime.  The journey beckons but it always begins in the same place – within ourselves. And the lovely thing is that as our self-awareness expands, so does our world view and vice versa.  And for that I have to quote one of my favorite sayings conceived, just as the most things I so admire, in the ancient past shrouded in veil of mystery – as above, so below.  Bon voyage!

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