The Fruits of Self-Motivation

doorsWe must motivate ourselves. If we don’t do it, nobody else ever will. All the power rests within us and we can access it right now. The path to the realization of our dreams consists of many small steps and giant leaps of realization.

When I was a teenager, I believed that I was very special. (I knew also that so were all other people but I was the one that I was with all the time so I was most aware of “my” special qualities.) I did not know what to do with all my interests, perceived talents and aspirations, how to channel them or better, how to funnel them into some creative tangible thing. I wanted to use them somehow and could already see my accomplished self living a lavish life of fame and fortune someday soon. If only, if only… If only someone out there would notice, DISCOVER and guide me…

Of course nobody ever did come and discover me (as everybody was clearly busy making their own lives) and I might as well waited a lifetime. Thankfully, I managed to nurture my interests and feed my dreams one step at a time. I just couldn’t turn away from the things that excited me and even if they did get stifled under the weight of responsibilities, sooner of later then popped up again. A decade passed and I still held strong onto my vision of some great accomplishment but I was no longer waiting for anyone to show me the way. Instead, I began to observe how others “made it” and tried to emulate it. I noticed that being in healthy physical shape helped and so did positive thinking and visualization. But I was still caught up in another illusion. I thought that one day the right opportunity will magically fall on my lap and thus make everything move faster and all my hard work and discipline will finally bear fruit. Few years passed again and I realized that this was also a blind path that leads to nowhere. Nobody out there could help me to the degree that I wished. Only I could!

Now after going through few significant crashes and burns in my career and personal life, I can definitely say with all my conviction and resolve as backed by my own experience – it is all ultimately up to ME & YOU. The reason I have gone as far as I did is all because I managed to motivate myself to stay on track and continue climbing the mountain of my dreams, something that gave me great strength, endurance and agility. Now, as I behold the bright image of my future, there is a sense of freedom attached to it because I no longer expect anyone to notice me, rescue me or do it for me. Add to it my faith that the universe also has a say in this grand unfolding of my destiny, and I can even let go of my vision all together and trust that all, or something better, will enter my life. Now, I am not only free but my life is filled with spaciousness from the release and grace that flows from each moment.

Let’s get to work!

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