What’s the Real Deal with Protein?

high-protein-dietInspired by Tim Ferriss’ advice in his new book, I stuck to eating lots of protein yesterday, mostly in form of greens, beans and peas, to the point where I really felt full, almost uncomfortably so. The amazing thing is that this fullness must have been all due to the enormous amounts of fiber and protein and fat induced feelings of satiation rather than overeating because this morning I felt great, had a very good night sleep, plus I am feeling a lot more lean, energetic and warm. I am usually the cold type that loves to keep my space toasty but amazingly, I am keeping my temperature low enough to in normal circumstances be already freezing my a** off. Hmm…

Yesterday after my small oatmeal and coffee (with loads of cinnamon that is supposed to keep insulin levels in check and extend the increased metabolic effects of coffee longer) I followed with a handful of almonds and a small greens, egg and bean salad. I was still starving! It took about 2 hours for me to feel full from my meal. Drinking loads of tea helped me not to overeat. By 11 am I had three stalks of celery and 20 baby carrots with fat free hummus. I felt really full at that point, feeling almost like s gluttonous sinner gorging on too much food. An hour later I was still feeling really full (normally I would be counting minutes till lunch by now). I completely forgot about food (amazing!) until about 1:30 pm when I gave in to a treat and had a NuGo chocolate protein bar with two cups of tea. By 3 pm I was hungry and so had another little hummus-veg snack. At 4:15 pm I had a bowl of veggie split pea soup, which made me feel uncomfortably full, something I felt while working out from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at the gym. Around 8 pm I had a glass of some red French wine with my sister that was dryer than my usual favorite Cali Zin but very full flavored and tasty. With that I had to have about 8 rye super thin (15 cals each) Kavli crisps and four spoonfuls of pinto beans. That was one “full” day! Great thing – today I did not feel hungry in the morning but still had my usual oatmeal and coffee followed by 20 minutes of yoga about 1.5 hours later and a small greens and egg salad and a 16 oz fresh green veggie juice. I am feeling very strong, energized, clear minded, grounded and satisfied.

I wanted to include a really good video of Tim Ferriss talking about his “a-ha!” moment that led him onto doing some really amazing things in his life. The information he shares in this short video would normally be very counter-intuitive to someone like me who likes to primarily focus on the positives in life. But I gotta tell you – those stoics were really onto something…

Have an awesome Thursday!

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