Slow Life

slowJust got an amazing massage. Not only was it beyond relaxing and blissful, it was longer than expected. I mean, what can beat that? Nothing really, unless I were to apply the little grand message that dropped into my head like a teardrop into a pool of calm water – the idea of SLOW LIFE.

What if everything I did was with deliberate attention and, well, slowness? Isn’t slow food all the rage now? So why not apply the core premise to all facets of our sometimes spinning out of control life?

So, in light of the New Year approaching and the time of resolutions heating up, I’m really pondering this one. It might not so much be about eating healthier or working out more, but I just think that more likely than not if I were to slow down, somehow things would more likely fall into place, just where they should be. Just a feeling. Not a big deal. But the idea intrigues me…

Back to the TAM, been doing the level 2 bootcamp and it’s been delivering results! Tagging the workout at the tail end of a 15 minute cardio warm up and a 30 minute upper or lower body weight lifting workout and finishing with another 5-15 minute sweaty cardio, has been working out great (pun intended!). There are days when I definitely take it much easier than others (life is a wave), but I always get that kick after a bit more relaxing day when I bounce from one weight station to another. As intense and hectic as it may sound, you bet that I am planning to bring in the essence of Slow Life into my workout too. Because you see, it is not about letting up on the speed and power, but rather “slowing up” by cranking up on the attention to squeeze out every ounce out of every moment. Or muscle fiber for that matter…

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