Back to the Camp!

I cannot believe that my last post was almost a month ago! This is what I love about keeping score – it keeps me on my toes. I am signing back up for the program then.

It’s been such a roller coaster ride since November 17. So, the chair that will elevate me to Tracy Anderson’s Part 2 (out of 3) of the Bootcamp is still sitting wrapped up in my hallway. I’ve been so busy lately with so many shifting parts of my life that I’ve neglected to appreciate (yes, appreciate!) the power of a commitment. Wow, it’s all too much of a pervasive and chronic disease in this super amped up day and age. At least that’s what I think. Unless I am using it as a excuse…

Anyways… let’s move on, shall we?

The last ahem, almost a month worth of precious time has been practically ZERO Tracy Anderson and lots of gym time, although not every day – five days a week, to be exact. On top of that, after reaching 125 lbs (so freaking close to my idea target number), I let loose and the number began to climb again (darn! I thought that my new faster metabolism was supposed to keep me immune from that one!?). The epitome of this was watching a most torturous 30 minutes (couldn’t take the whole hour) of Sarah Palin hunting in Alaska while eating half of a ice cream container of my favorite indulgence – Coconut Bliss – while hanging with my best friend and mate. I felt the gilt hit me like a hit iron afterwards but I did not notice the effects until about Wednesday, despite sweating it up at the gym for more than two hours each night since Monday. The jiggles were back on, even though not much. It’s just that feeling of a coat layering that can drive a girl insane!

As a result of an amazing and fast and, if I may add (at least in perhaps romanticized retrospect), fun weight loss and shape up with TAM, and then an unexpected (seriously!) and daunting and oh so not fun weight gain, I am back on it, calendaring in my intakes and outtakes, that is! To be honest with you all, it seems much easier to stay on track, especially with cals in, when I have to write everything down. It is just that having to list it all makes me want to skip it sometimes and usually in the right moments…

So, without any further due, here are my current stats:

My weight is at 127 lbs, which is not bad but for my liking 5 lbs over. It is going to be hard as the last bits are the hardest to burn.

Last night I included the stage 1 TAM routine at the tail end of my usual workout and I must say that it literally kicked my butt. This is the main reason really that I am returning to this page and stage. I am so inspired because the results I got from TAM were by far better than what I got from doing anything else. That includes being more watchful with the eating too though, I must add.

Thus far today I had a small soy super foamy latte and a banana (8:30 am) – 170 cals, followed with a cranberry oatmeal (10 am) – 160 cals and 3 cups of tea. I also had three small mandarins – 120 cals. It is 11:30 am and I am not very hungry yet but I am planning to buy and eat some more citrus (really wanting it) like oranges and grapefruits and having it around noon and delay my lunch salad (with lots of greens!) until 2 pm. I am really now trying to avoid any sweet snacks for tea and just having berries or apples instead.

One mistake I made continuously, especially during the last two weeks, was continuing to stuff myself past the initial feeling of fullness. This is so critical in keeping a nice flat stomach and allowing the digestive system to do its work well. I noticed that if I eat too much too quickly, I get bloated and things seem to get stuck in the wrong places.

So, Tracy darling? I am back and ready to attack it again! LOL
Have a great weekend you all!

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