Bootcamp Days 11 – 12: Facing Challenges

never-give-up-there-is-fitness-quote-600x500_cAh, I was supposed to start the new routine already but I slacked off on getting a chair (which still needs to be assembled) and really felt like hitting the gym so that’s what I ended up doing while also trying my best to keep up with the stage 1 TAM workout, which I slightly modified to be more challenging (courtesy of my own imagination).

Eating continues to be a challenge too as I’m entering the time of the month when my appetite is at all time high and I constantly feel hungry. Tracy’s food guidelines must be for someone her height (5.0) as I would be borderline starving had I followed her menus to the T. I admit that on Monday and Tuesday I ate more than I have allowed myself previously that really gave me the results (see my previous detailed entries) and starting today I am really working on keeping is light again by: (1) not eating past the point of my stomach telling me that it is full to avoid the pained stretch – read “portion control,” and (2) going longer sans food and instead filling up on water, teas and smaller snacks.

I noticed that my weight went up to 128 again, which reminds me of the importance of sticking with a rigorous discipline if I want this change to last (how can it happen this quickly?). I also noticed that my energy levels have plummeted compared with last week. I am not sure if it is because I’ve been eating significantly more or if it is because I am deficient in something. Pro-actively, I got a handful of Emergen-C packets to fill up on vitamins and minerals (had three already…). I also had a bite of an organic turkey breast with my salad today. I miss my hyper self but oh well, I’ll get there again!

Oh, I had a hugely important experience with coffee yesterday. So, it was my fourth day in a row drinking it (only a cup darling, just one teeny tiny cup…) but yesterday it really hit me. I had a small cup of Italian black and it must have been super duper strong because I thought that my heart was going to literally pop out of my chest. On top of utter irritation, I was simultaneously exhausted to the point of hardly being able to keep my eyes open (it was 10 am!) and revved up to the point that I couldn’t sit still. That did it for me. It was the most awful feeling and today I was (and still am!) back to my green and red teas ditching the coffee.

I am still consistent with moving every day and today will be no exception. Planning to hit the gym again so the stage 2 TAM workout will have to wait until my chair is assembled and I am ready to literally jump on it. I feel like I need sweaty cardio…

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