Bootcamp Days 7 – 10: Straying From the Ideal Path

So, it happened. I was doing so well and then things changed. As the weekend approached, I amped up my exercise routine as my energy levels were through the roof. And then on Saturday, I got and subsequently gave into an unusual craving: MEAT! Running between the kitchen toaster and the living room couch, my best friend and I were all in giggles, me in astonishment and him, well also in astonishment. “You are eating meat!” he exclaimed ogling me and my half eaten turkey toast. And if things could get any worse (or funnier!), it was 1:30 am. So much for sticking with Tracy’s pre-set menus. “At least I am getting some variety…” I thought.

The truth is though that my midnight meal made it actually easier for me to power through a steep hill climb the next day. (I think I needed more protein.) And besides the fact that I felt stronger as a result, this morning my legs seemed harder and tighter (Ahem! Were it the two bites of pork sausage I had on Sunday for dinner off my friend’s plate?) Ah… diets. So, I cannot by definition call myself a vegetarian anymore but I do must say that the few bites of cream custard I had for dessert, loaded me with enough of a dairy dose to make my face itch, nose tingle and make me want to get right back to the smaller and cleaner menus, sans the cow. Alas, I am really tired after a weekend filled with solid pounds of fun and so my cravings were on the increase all day today. I guess it is true that the more tired we are, the more we want to overeat. Tomorrow is another day full of new choices and hopefully free of coffee yet again. I had to confess…

I started today with two tablespoons of muesli and an apple in the car, as I was on the fly. I followed with ½ of peanut butter lara bar. For lunch I had a 1.66 pound whole foods veggie salad full of beans and some rice on the side. I was stuffed at the end of inhaling it. I also had four ak-mak crackers and two soy cappuccinos – one in the am and one in the pm. I devoured one-half of Nu-Go choco-mint bar and managed to so far fit 1.5 liters of water and two teas. It is already after 4 pm and this is really it for me now. After my workout I am planning to just have an apple and hit the sack. I need the zzzzs. Badly!

I must say that I am proud of my keeping up with my sweaty routine (+ TAM off course). I still did not let a day pass without exercising and I plan, no – I hope – (humbly now) that I will manage to stick to it until I hit the 30 day mark when I will allow myself one day of couch vegging per week. The good thing is that I have not noticed any changes in volume (i.e. horizontal expansion) in my body just yet. I still feel tightly knit and toned but gotta jump on that speed boat quickly again before the effects of my hard work literally begin to disintegrate. So, gym it is for tonight, even with my eyes closed!

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