Tracy Anderson 30 Day Bootcamp: Days 4 – 6

I discovered this really cool blog I’ve been reading lately by Dr. Gary L. Wenk, which explores the connection between the brain and food and how food affects our behavior. Check it out, lots of great information at your fingertips:

Today it will be a week since I started the bootcamp and I must say that I feel and look better than ever. This thing is really working but I must add that I’ve expanded her program a bit more to include other exercise modalities as well such as treadmill runs and alternating upper and lower weight lifting exercises. I just need to feel the burn in my quads and hams at least once per week! I have not missed a single day of working out since I started writing about the TA Method in October 28 in this blog, which makes it a total of 14 days. I will try to continue on that path until I hit day 30 and then I will take one day off each week.

My eating also remains light and that definitely is contributing to me seeing fast results. In the 14 days I lost a total of six pounds. Now, this might sound like not that much but since I already have a small frame, but this is a huge victory for me as these are the most stubborn pounds I’ve been trying to shake off for over a decade and couldn’t, no matter how hard a tried. I also realize that with this 30 day experience I am building new habits for life. I also wanted to congratulate myself for shaking the coffee habit. Besides a total of three small soy decaf lattes, I have not had espresso for 20 days now! That was hard because I love coffee and I still do not know if I ever will not go back to drinking it as I think there are many benefits to coffee (check out the blog above for more info on that!). But it does feel great to give my kidneys and adrenals a break and get a more even energy supply throughout the day that is not affected by caffeinated spikes and undulations.


I have been trying to change up my meals as much as possible but it’s not been easy. I guess humans are creatures of habit… Thankfully, I practically live at Whole Foods so at least I have the salad bar where I can vary the ingredients of my ever-evolving paper salad plates.

An example of my breakfast in the last three days has been: grapefruit and a banana OR blueberry smoothie made with a pack of frozen wild blues and a small cup of plain soy yogurt OR, you know, the oatmeal (my box is empty now and I not in a hurry to getting any more for awhile)…

My lunch pretty much always consists of a salad unless I need a change, which is when I have a plate with vegetables with some beans or tofu, or just the veggies alone.

For a snack I have tea with either some sort of fruit or a piece of a health bar. Lately, just before working out I tried having a slice of Ezekiel bread as a toast with a dab of Earth Balance spread but it made me a tad acidic feeling when I was at the gym. It is better to give your stomach a 2 hour rest before working out, I think, as the movement will actually shut down the digestive system and so the feeling of hunger will go away. But if you have any food left in your stomach, it will let you know, with each stride, that it’s still there! Always, though, have a snack before hitting the gym.

After my workout, 80% of the time I have a veggie burger or a soy link with some greens or I get another salad at WH unless I just feel like having some fruit in which case a grapefruit or berries top my list.

For the workouts, I continue to warm up until I sweat, which takes about 10-15 minutes (one thing I can’t stand about the gym is air conditioning. I get cold the moment I stop moving!). Then I hit the weights, alternating between upper and lower body every other day, in a circuit fashion for about 30-45 minutes. I like circuits because I don’t get as bored and I don’t need as much rest between sets. This way I can keep my heart rate up. I finish with the Tracy Anderson bootcamp and usually go home to do her dance aerobics in an 80 degree room temperature, the way it’s supposed to be done!

Hopefully soon I will be able to take and post some pictures and even videos. My dream is to eventually share some workout routines and daily menus with you. Hopefully my experience can be a benefit for someone out there…

Sincerely, V

On the pic:  the super fit actress Dania Ramirez

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