Tracy Anderson 30 Day Bootcamp: Day 2 & 3

Today I read a very interesting article in the current issue of Psychology Today magazine titled: “The Truth About Beauty.” The author of this article dishes out on the ugly truth how the idealized perception of beauty is not going anywhere and the best we as women can do is to accept it and… remember to keep putting on that lip gloss. I highly recommend reading this article as it tackles the “whys” behind our obsession with how we look.


I am seeing amazing results with my new diet and workouts. My body has noticeably slimmed down, elongated, tightened and toned. I have not had this much attention coming from strangers while strolling through the town, ever! I am feeling super sexy and beautiful.

On the energy front, I have bounds of energy and I fell much more “raw” and connected with myself and my feelings. It’s as if a layer of protective coat has been taken off. I feel more exposed but not in a vulnerable way. Actually, I feel more empowered and open and as if some old thick fog had dissipated and I am able to reach in deeper to touch my own core. Also, when I am powering though a workout, my main large muscle groups seem to be much stronger and I believe that this is because the TA Method has activate the accessory muscles that now also partake in the work.

I cannot believe how much food I used to eat compared with how I eat now. I used to really wonder why I looked the way I did, always having the extra 5-10 pounds shake my 5.8 inch frame, despite eating healthily. I was always the person who got the remark “wow, look at your plate! You eat so healthy!” The truth is that I used to pile a meal on top of the previous one way too quickly all the while looking for the perfect balance to be left on my tongue – salty or sweet? Or salty? Back and forth like that without end… Now I really see what it takes and aside from the initial discomfort and false hunger alarms going off during the first week or so, this is not as difficult as it seemed. My stomach has naturally shrunk to a fist size, which is also the size of meals I am taking in, which resulted in a permanent flat stomach. And no fake junk foods go in there! Only real foods, as nature intended. No specific diets or absolute restrictions. This way I can partake in real variety and enjoy it all. Another way to look at it is that while I am eating less, in the end it may all even out as a healthy lifestyle just might afford me few extra meals.


I have been eating rather lightly over the weekend, more less the same way as I did the week prior, which I think ranges somewhere between 1,000 – 1,300 cals per day. I must admit that I am unable to follow the daily menus in Tracy Anderson’s book due to my busy schedule but I am seeing crazy results nevertheless. Whenever I can, I eat fresh. Veggies constitute about 60% of my daily food intake with vegetarian protein (soy, beans & legumes) being about 20% and fruits, grains and snacks comprising the remaining 20%.

I did the bootcamp on Saturday and Sunday morning although I did skim quite a bit on the cardio, skipping it altogether on Saturday (made up for it by jumping, dancing and screaming during a live outdoor concert that night) and doing only 5 minutes of it on Sunday (too tired…).


What I am planning to do next is to weed out any other impure foods that still linger here and there and go full blast for clean menus and increasing superfoods and mineralization in form of wheatgrass shots and fresh green juices made with spinach, celery and parsley. That should really help with the skin tone and glow, especially on the face. (Oh, while I’m on it, I really want to check out some great quality organic face masks. I will let you know what I’ll find!) Just followed my own advice and got a double shot of wheatgrass and a 16oz celery, spinach and parsley juice. I almost puked after the wheatgrass but the juice so far is going in smoothly. I’d like to try to have the juice at least twice per week, not sure about the wheatgrass. Too bad, it is so sweet, just gives me a gag reflex.

To be honest, the TA Method is fabulous but I want to take it even farther. With my experience eating raw foods and studying all sorts of movement modalities, I am not ready to give them up, even for those 30 days. I want to continue to hike steep hills and run on a treadmill as well as to continue attending to my large muscle group such as my quads, hams and biceps. For those reasons, I am not ready to freeze my gym membership. As a matter of fact my quads are screaming right now from the top of the chair on which I am sitting “Please! Use me! Make me buuurn!!!” How can I not obey such plea? So, gym it is for tonight. With Tracy in tow, of course…

Can’t wait!



On the picture: the beautiful Doutzen Kroes

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