Gearing Up for Tracy Anderson 30 Day Bootcamp Part II – GEAR

First, I wanted to quickly check-in to let you know about my overall body feeling and food intake yesterday and its effects.

The good news is that I weighed myself yesterday and I’m happy to say that I lost 4 pounds in a total of 11 days! I dropped from 132 to 128. I definitely want to loose more fat but have not decided on my target size yet – that will come the day before I take a plunge into the program.

This morning I feel good. Not much dramatic change from yesterday but I’m definitely staying within the new slimmer limits. I attribute the small change from yesterday to my eating yesterday that was not perfectly clean. I must say that I splurged a bit calorie (and salt!) wise yesterday and as a result could feel a bit of a bloat and heaviness in the mid afternoon (goodness, it really takes a huge discipline to do this!). Also, I could notice the effects on my face – slight swelling and puffiness. Today my goal is to get back on track. At the end of this post I included a detailed list of the foods I had yesterday and how they affected me.


The Tracy Anderson Method 30-Day Bootcamp calls for a minimal but nevertheless certain number of items to have in order to have a great, clean experience of the Method. Yesterday I ordered a brand new pair of Mizuno workout shoes she recommended and tried them at home. I was unable to do my cardio dance routine at home since my apartment had hot water issues and I did not want to go to bed without a shower so I merely put them on and walked around my place a bit. They feel nice and have a snug fit. In the meantime at the gym I’m still using my ultra-light Adidas Response shoes as I want to keep the Mizunos clean. I

I already have a number of yoga mats at home for the Muscle Design part of the regimen but I still need a sturdy CHAIR for the more advanced moves and I’d love to get a MIRROR to be able to look at myself while I do the moves to keep check on accuracy and performance. Light weights (no more than 3 lbs) and ankle weights are an optional but I think practical acquisition. I will look into that a bit later. I am getting excited and nervous. Few more days and I will be full on in the midst of the Bootcamp.


Here is what I did yesterday:

Breakfast (8:30 am)

1 portion of organic Cranberry Oatmeal with a splash of almond milk, English Breakfast Tea
Supplements: B complex, CoQ10, Chromium, Acetyl L-Carnitine (since I’m mostly vegan…)

Felt great and satisfied until about 9:45 am. Then, I was already getting hungry. I waited till 10 am and had 1 ruby grapefruit and 1 orange. That held me up for another hour when I had a cup of green tea with a bite of my afternoon snack – the NuGo chocolate bar. I felt good all the way till lunch but I was really hungry by 12:30 pm.

Lunch (12:30 pm)

I decided that rather than walking a mile to Whole Foods (wish I did but was short on time so actually couldn’t…), I grabbed a to-go veggie tofu dish at a local uppity organic Chinese restaurant. I asked for a larger portion of side salad and skipped the white rice. What I got once I opened the paper container at my desk really disappointed me. Two corners of the square container were filled with a tiny glob of an ice berg lettuce salad drenched in peanut dressing. I had to wipe the dressing off with a tissue! (my paper “plate” looked baby-food messy to say the least…). Then, there was the main dish. In a sealed plastic container in a broth like brown liquid floated two pieces of broccoli, three pieces of small corn, two pieces of carrot and asparagus and three pieces of tofu. One minute later I was done eating the bird-size meal and still hungry so I went to the kitchen and opened up a can of organic Whole Foods garbanzo beans and ate about 1/3 of it followed by a whole grain Ezekiel bread toast. This lunch left me very unsatisfied content and flavor-wise and I wished I had more fresh greens in me for the price of $13 I paid at the restaurant. I felt a bit bloated after this meal, mostly from the salt intake in the broth. No more eating at that restaurant despite how nice it looks. Made me really think about how hard it is to eat out and be in tip top shape. Hmm… That’s why I love Whole Foods. Should buy their stock considering how much money I spend there…

Snack (2:00 pm)

English Breakfast tea with almond milk and the rest of my small NuGo bar. Made me feel really full and by 2:30 pm I was hearing all kinds of sounds in my belly and getting really thirsty. 32 ounces of water followed and another green tea at 3:00 pm (starting to get hungry again – darn!).

Snack (5:00 pm)

Apple (Cameo)

6:00 pm – WORKOUT

15 minute vigorous warm up on the elliptical machine until sweaty, upper body weights (30 mins) upper body Tracy Anderson routine (I’m at 40-60 reps now) with a break in between to eat another apple (Granny Smith) followed by TAM lower body and abs (35-40 reps). I skipped the cardio and went straight for the shower as by 8:00 pm I was truly exhausted. I actually do look forward to only working with the TA Method and thus not having to spend so much time at the cold gym but rather exercise in my own warm cozy room. Below is a video of how easy it is to set up your own small workout room.

8:30 pm – Dinner

Whole Foods salad I prepared earlier consisting of kale, mixed greens, a tiny bit of quinoa with cranberries and onions, a spoonful of roasted veggies, tomatoes and two small triangles of sesame tempeh. I really craved something sweet afterwards but I caught myself and resorted to hot Fenugreek tea instead.

A word about Fenugreek

Apparently, The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used Fenugreek for their medicinal and culinary purposes, which makes sense considering how aromatic this herb is. According to Chinese medicine, Fenugreek warms and tonifies the kidneys, alleviates pain and disperses cold. Other sources list it as a fever reducer and a treatment for bronchitis, coughs, respiratory problems, and sinus conditions. Supposedly, Fenugreek also has anti-diabetic effects by reducing serum glucose and improving glucose tolerance. Now the fun part: fenugreek can act as an aphrodisiac and stimulate milk production in lactating women! Some female users even reported an increase in breast size after using this herb for awhile (I note this after conducting a quick “comment reading” online research). I like to drink it as I instantly can feel the internal tonifying and warming effects of the tea and absolutely love the flavor although I would definitely advise taking the tea bag out of the cup after about 3-5 minutes of seeping. Otherwise the tea will turn rather bitter.

Check back with me tomorrow as I will be diving deep into physiological and emotional concerns in preparation for the Bootcamp!

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