Feeling the unencumbered opening of my essence, I am moved to allow more blissful energy to move from my heart, through my body and into my life until it encompasses every aspect of my existence. I feel called to stand strong in my integrity and truth while simultaneously staying soft, aware of constant waves of change surrounding me and responsive to various elements and people who are touching my life.

Taking Time to Heal

Yesterday I felt an incredibly deep need to step out of my comfort zone and test my sense of freedom. It was scary at first but then once I made up my mind, it felt so right. The experience itself of what I did was not even that much rewarding as was just accepting the fact that I am a free and independent being who has the first say as to how I choose to spend my time, my money and my energy. So, yesterday was my day to nurture myself and heal and heavens, was it worth it! I noticed that I was grasping so much to my right to do what I wanted and as I realized it, I was able to soften and really enjoy my time. I become conscious that what we receive in our lives is determined by how open we are to receiving what we need and want.

Questions like “do I feel like I deserve it?” are very useful. Hence is the value of the practice of feeling into how it would be if I already had what it is that I desire. If I encounter resistance, it is good to inquire into the reason for that. Usually, these are seemingly rigid walls that are built on a foundation of particular beliefs and experiences we are used to.

In my particular case, I really crave to have more time to pursue my passion for wiring stories and producing feature films based on that. I am ready for that to be the guiding current of my life. But when I think about how it would be to receive an acceptance letter from an agent followed by a fat retainer check from a publisher that would allow me to quit my day job and enter into this new phase of creative and material abundance, it feels so foreign. I believe as my next step of manifestation (the book’s been written and is selectively and progressively being submitted) I must be able to sit with those feelings of prosperity and possibility in order to open the necessary parts of myself to this new flow. My thought is that such opening will facilitate my won empowerment in a level that will be irresistible to the world, as this will be my current truth, and therefore this sense of opening, allowing and empowerment will funnel into everything that I do thus affecting and heightening the quality of my gift/work/product.


I see myself enraptured in joy as I see an email in my inbox from an agent who adores my book and would like to see more!
I see myself signing on a deal and beginning the thrilling editing phase of my book
I see a top book publisher wanting to buy my story
I see the check I receive that frees me to now fully pursue my passion
I see my book in print
I see my involvement in making it a HIT!
I see the screen adaptation for my story
I see the emails and messages I receive from people who were affected by the story

YES! I take my vision and envelop it with a radiant rainbow of colors, which brilliance reaches the farthest corner in the universe. I am ready to have my talents and gifts utilized so that my time is spent in highest creation.

I breathe in the essence of freedom
My gifts arrange on a silver plate
Adorned with jewels
It is me
It is joy
I am here to share

My body opens
I relax deeply
Insights rush in
I breathe
Into this expanse
And I am healed

Spreading my wings wide
I soar above the panorama
Of my life
To give
At last…

Wishing you the realization of your deepest longings and mightiest dreams.

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