Where Am I Going?

Life has been so exiting, so utterly exciting!  I feel enchanted each time when I pause to go within and feel this amazing energetic nectar that has been stirring within me. While on the outside, things are seemingly calm, on the inside I am experiencing a fiery explosion of passion, clarity of vision and a birthing of a new future for myself and those with whom I share my life.  I am surrounded with delicious purple light energy and as a result I have a very strong desire to enhance my personal space and make it even more full of dim cozy lights, scented candles, incense, inspirational and loving art and written pieces, warm and fuzzy soft fabrics, tropical plants and colorful flowers, and anything and everything that shall nurture me on this ascending journey to self-knowledge, increased creativity and abounding love.  I want an even more luminous space where I can practice my rituals of love and initiation. I am ready to receive the bountiful gifts from the Universe.  Thank you!

While I might not yet fully realize where this deliciously feeling sensation is taking me, I have a pretty good idea of where I’m headed.  My goal is to basically do my art, express my creative gifts and share then with the world and never have to compromise my integrity and self-respect.  Once I can do that fully, I believe, everything, I mean everything that might still hang loose, will fall into place.  As I am walking my path, each day accomplishing a little more and staying true to my vision, I am embodying more of my feminine essence of opening, welcoming and nurturing.  I yearn to become my own portal to divine relaxation and Being.  That deep connection to my true essence along with my focused vision comprise the vehicles of my journey to full realization and moment to moment blissful manifestation of authenticity, goodness and beauty.

Inspired by a friend’s experience, and in honor of the Sacred Feminine, I feel inspired to answer the questions below:

Right now I deeply yearn to experience my own unique essence.  I want to approach myself with the same curiosity I would the most interesting person.  I am the seat of infinite mystery.  I want to know this.  I want to experience, in every moment of my life, that which is truly who I am at the core.  I want to relish in the sweetness of my gifts, surround myself with beauty – that of others and of my own making – and trust life more openly.

My desire is to express my deepest gifts I was born with to share on Earth.  I want to be an embodiment of unconditional love, splendor and magnificence and I want to recognize and awaken that awareness in myself and others on a daily basis.  I want to express beauty and wisdom through my writings and presence and share them with the world.  I want every action and thought to be imbued with universal and transcendental love.  My gift is to inspire you to find what stirs you and realize the courage to take the jump towards becoming the expression of your grandest potential.

I most deeply desire to create an irresistible query package for my book and a juicy divine space to facilitate my deepening surrender and becoming a divinely inspired being open to sharing my gifts with the world to help others feel more alive, inspired, capable and courageous.

I most deeply desire to contribute to others my presence, my stories and the highest expression of my love.

I feel as if my life is at stake. Each moment is an opportunity.  I long to be applied and brought into play in this majestic matrix of creation.  I want the Universe to direct me on a path where my capacities and gifts can be best utilized for the greatest benefit of all.  I want to become an exquisite vessel of creation for the energy of life that gives birth to entire worlds and galaxies.

My intention for the next chapter of my life is to fully inhabit my essence and power; to stay connected to the flowing waves of love that heal everything and everyone around; to become fearless in my pursuit of my highest expression, guided by the vision of the Creator; and to relax in infinite love and knowing of the nurturing embrace of the Cosmic Mother.

It feels so good to check in with myself and express what’s been stirring inside of me recently with an amplified intensity.  There have been those times in my life where I felt literally swept by the ocean of change, like writing on a sandy shore.  I am feeling it again, except this time is not merely a wave but a whole tsunami… I am ready, standing on the shore of the Ocean of Creation, welcoming the rising Sun God with arms outstretched upwards.  I hear my name.  It is time…

With love always,


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