Ecstatic Anticipation

sunshineI am feeling awash with possibilities. My body is tingling with pleasurable sensation. My senses are all turned on. I am excited beyond my mind’s capacity to fully comprehend. I sense great changes coming and I feel I am in the midst of a transition. I feel on track. My body is oozing spirals of vibrating joy. Anticipation… It is all happening already.

I have taken a break from blogging as I encountered on my path so many choices and needed to sort though possibilities, people’s advice and my own issues and feelings. I’ve unearthed quite the menagerie of believes and emotions that shrouded them. As a result, I’ve emerged a person who has a much deeper faith in herself and no need to prove myself anymore. I know who I am (although this part continues to be a fluid discovery process) and what I want to do.

My book is finally complete and I have sent my first queries to agents. I am really hoping for a Christmas present. Re-reading my novel now, I am experiencing it on a new level and aside from wanting to make a small edit here and there, I am enjoying the process of reading. I wish I could already hold a printed bound version of it, curl up on a sofa on a rainy day, right next to my fireplace and while sipping hot tea, be taken on a journey that literally poured though me when I wrote it last winter. It is such an autumn read. It has a mysterious and at times gloomy mood while holding a promise to explain the things that perplex human souls, such as the meaning of life, and subsequently, death.

I have been also spending quality time with a wonderful circle of women that has been both immensely enlightening and inspiring. Some recent events have really clarified in me what it is that I yearn to manifest in my life:

  • I am ready to spread my angel wings and soar uninhibited
  • I am ready to surrender to my creativity and let inspiration pour though me
  • I am ready to be published and contribute to the world stories that inspire and transform
  • I am ready to be financially independent and savor the freedoms it brings
  • I am ready to assist my loved ones on their journey by offering financial support
  • I am ready to move to Marin
  • I am ready to find a cozy little cottage and turn it into my personal heaven temple
  • I am ready to see more of the world and meet more nurturing people
  • I am ready to have the ability and resources to jump in my car and visit any place I desire or participate in any workshop or gathering that I feel drawn to.

Finally, I am so grateful for all the blessings that have been thus far bestowed upon me and I marvel at my own journey, at how far I’ve come.

Something amazing is happening. I can feel it…  Shivers of ecstasy move through me when I merge with it…

So Lovely…

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