Veiled Gifts of Chaos

chaosThis weekend I had a mini tornado in my world. Things got thrown up into the air and swirled overhead for a long time before settling in to their new and in some cases temporary places before the next waft swept them away for another rearrangement.

What do we do when sudden changes destabilize the comforts of our status quo? Is it better to just wait and watch or act on the whim?

I am still feeling the effects of the strong winds and a mixed bag of emotions still stirs inside. Some feelings are old and some exist as a result of the interruption of newness. Amazing how knowing just a little more can shift perspectives… One tool that’s been helpful in navigating through all the chaos is having FAITH that all is well and there is a reason that I might not yet understand for the particular things to be occurring in my life right now.

I have really been craving more depth in both my relations with others as well as my levels of expression and as if with a stroke of a magic wand, it is all happening. Things like that may take some time to come to full manifestation and it is good to know that and put life on cruise control for awhile. It is also important not to worry or try to control the circumstances too much as it is change we are after, a change that can only come from beyond our comfort zone.

As a result I’ve been feeling a DEEPENING taking place in my life on all levels. The clearer I am about what I want, the more information seems to flood into my life along with people, situations and opportunities. I am truly grateful for that even though at times it feels frightening. I guess the presence of love smoothes things out significantly but being the super sensitive person that I am, I tend to dive off the deep end sometimes… It might be too early yet, but I am beginning to feel new, brighter and unyielding sense joy germinating in my soul. Could all me dreams really be coming to fruition? Are all these situations preparing me for the leap I’ve been visualizing over the recent months? It surely is possible…

What I am trying to say in this post is that while we are in the midst of change, chaos or transformation or revelation of any sort, things can seem shaky and the ride can be scary. But once the ride is over and we are smoothly coasting through the scenic highway again (now more beautiful than ever before), we look back and see that the wild ride was necessary because it brought us to appreciate new vistas.

I am happy to realize and see that now my life has not only gained in the depth dimension but also it has become wider. Wait a minute… is it so or did I just soar a little bit higher?

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