Inner Whispers

girl writingYesterday I was on an Inspired Success Bootcamp call with several people in a workshop led by Tama Kieves. Her soothing voice spoke messages of truth that inspired calm and subtle shifts in my mind. I signed up for this call to further my journey on the path to manifesting my dreams. What she said was simple and exceptionally astounding.

There is no one right path to achieve success. But there are distinct approaches. There are those linear mainstream ways to make money, organize skills and market ourselves but there is also another way, a non-linear one, the one of INSPIRATION. This is the path we are going to explore throughout the duration of this month long experience.

The most important message of this call, I felt, was that of listening to the voice of our heart’s desire. The desire is the fuel that will motivate our walk and make us find all the answers. The reason why so many people fail in their ventures, Tama said, is because they stop listening to the whispers of their dreams and instead begin to listen to practical advice from others and even surf the internet (not our friend here, according to Tama) to study often gloomy statistics, depressing news and other people’s cookie-cutter steps to success. This is the point where doubt and fear enters the playfield and our dream looses its original vitality — the journey begins to feel forced, lined with “shoulds” and “ought-tos.”

Making the CHOICE

The key is to keep LISTENING to the original DESIRE that in time will reveal all the necessary steps centered around MY DREAM and MY VISION to make it come true. The voice inside will give me all I need to hear, provide all the guidance. It is the way. It is MY WAY. It is all already inside, all the actions that are right for ME. But actions in themselves are meaningless unless backed up by the right BELIEFS.

I am MEANT to succeed in the work I LOVE!

My DESIRE will take me all the way!

I am here to live my highest POTENTIAL!

I listen to my heart because I WANT TO!

I have something that is UNLIMITED in me!

I will discover WHO I AM by following my DESIRES. Listening to other’s practicalities will only water my dream down and shift the energy. I should pay attention to when I feel forced or artificial. Only the inner voice of desire will lead me to the place I am meant to be. The listening will invite signs, people, resources and synchronicities into my life.

Putting away my practical small self is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE. We have to choose to be called to our destiny. It is a choice! A choice that is meant to take us onto the “Path of Unwavering Good.” What we choose to believe in any challenging circumstance will determine what we do next – do we give up and start believing that the Universe does not support us anymore? (of course, here is a proof!) Or do we consider a possibility that maybe this is right, maybe things are not meant to open here because there is a better way that will take me towards expressing my destiny. Thus, what we choose to believe in a certain situation will affect everything we do.

Today, I choose to LISTEN. I choose to BELIEVE that I am on my WAY and that my VISION is supported wholly as it is also the Universe’s DESIRE and it shall MANIFEST through INSPIRATION.

On my way…

Blessings! Have an inspiring weekend!

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