Visioning – go for it!

luv uI feel like this party is on. It has started. The judge had fallen asleep. She may not wake up again. Ever. In the meantime, the dams have fallen and the crystal blue waters of cascading inspiration are flowing freely. Freely at last…

Colorful crowds are beginning to arrive seduced by the glaring tribal music spreading across the green open plains dotted with blooming wildflowers. The muses are already dancing. It is not a dress rehearsal. It is our life and it is for real. It is time to wake up and join the party!

There is something so profound about sharing my experience with the world. I have no idea who is reading these posts and this is good. All I care about is that I am able to convey my messages and perhaps one day touch someone’s heart with mine. Because this journey is about that – it is about us being the nets for each other as we make this crazy and oh-so-sane choice to jump and take a leap. “Leap, and the net will appear,” I heard once and let it be forever engraved on the canvas of my mind.

It is time. It is time to go for our dreams. It is time to go for our dreams and live this life fully and unencumbered by petty things like self-judgment, doubt and fear. There are other way more important things to attend to and the key is to start and do one thing, take the next step. Whether it is pausing to unearth the vision of ideal life and breathe life into it, write down a personal vision statement, forgive yourself, write a love letter to yourself, take a one minute walk, hug a tree or eat an apple without being distracted. Whatever it is, it is important because it is what YOU WANT and it carries within its tiny DNA the grand vision of what you are becoming. “A whole forest sleeps in the seed of an acorn,” was another quote I read somewhere. You are the acorn. The seed is your dream. The forest is your life. Go ahead, ask yourself: what do I want? And be very very honest… The answer shall become the shining jewel crowning the pinnacle of your sanctuary.

What do I want?

I want to give, share and inspire. And I want to receive with the same fiery passion that I love to give. I want to love and feel loved so intensely that it makes me want to cry.
I want to see the world the way I’ve never seen it before. I want to be free to explore life to its fullest. I want to turn my visions into books and movies and give back to the world to hopefully be of help and assistance to others that have so much less. I want life to take full advantage of me so that all my talents and abilities are completely utilized. I want to have fun. I want to dance. I want my muscles fatigued at night and my sleep to be tight and blissful.

And I want for You and for You over there too to have more than you ever dreamed of. I want your joy to reverberate across heaven and earth and I want you to join me in my dance. It is time. Let’s play!

PS. This evening I am starting the four week Inspired Success Bootcamp with Tama Kieves. Super excited about it, meeting the participants and the resulting possibilities!



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