Replenishing the Well

letter-writingJust wanted to drop a note here about the immense power of movement and consciously making or using time to replenish the creative well.

Movement is Transformational

We were born to move. Our bodies thrive on movement. Stagnating energy breeds dis-ease. Movement creates energy by expending static. Looking back at my life, it was during the time when I moved that the most dramatic and positive changes took place. It was as if the yoga asanas were burning away not only impurities my body collected over the years but also made me shed whole parts of my life that no longer served me like old snake skin. When twirling for hours in my hoop, deeper levels of intelligence surfaced and spread across my life’s plains planting transformative catalysts everywhere. We were made to move. Movement is play, it is joy, it is breaking through into new thresholds. Movement is discovery. Movement is change.

Dance! I invite you to play a favorite song today, shut the doors and sway or spin for a few minutes. Watch your mid calm, watch emotions subside, feel new crisp waves of energy rise, and inspiration rhythmically knocking on your door. Dance makes us get in touch with our core, our singularity – not unlike the God/Goddess that dwells within that showers us with boundless energy and infinite resources that appear just in time. Movement connects the heart and the mind on spontaneously synchronistic levels. When static thinking subsides, deeper intelligence has a chance to emerge. Thus, the humble offering of dance is finding that sacred stillness in the midst of movement.

Hunting for Images

As you might have already noticed, I love the image of a well as the inner container of visions, images and ideas (stole it from Hemingway). As such, I do not believe in writer’s block. I do believe in stuck energy for which, in my view, the greatest cure is movement, freestyle or otherwise (see above). As to facing the unnerving circumstance of sitting in front of a blank sheet/screen/wall and not knowing what to write, draw, design, etc. etc. I believe that the antidote to such moments is either accepting the fact that nothing is ready to be born just yet (the fruit is ripening and needs more water & sunshine to get there) and using that time for spontaneous action instead by taking your artist out. When the well is empty, it needs to be replenished. Taking a walk, visiting a store, trying on new clothes, checking out a new exhibition, all these actions will plant new images in your mind, images that might just arrange themselves into stories, scenes or new designs.

Allow yourself to play in the world! Allow the world to inspire you in most unexpected ways. And most of all, always treat yourself well. Go for it – explore the world around you!

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