A Nice Change of Pace…

fun fashionTo my amazement, my usually stressful Tuesday is flowing very nicely. Perhaps that has something to do with a fantastic lower body workout session I had yesterday at Equinox (first time in a month after two weeks of vacay and two weeks of yoga and cleansing) or perhaps it is simply a result of my currently less complicated attitude towards life.  Today, you see, I decided to take it easy no matter what and not be stressed by anything or anyone.  I am dictating my own pace that is much slower than usual with fewer goals to accomplish. I am approaching my work methodically – one thing at a time, giving each task full attention.  I’m actually getting off at it.  Somewhat paradoxically (or maybe not paradoxically at all – duh!) moving slower, I am able to accomplish more with noticeably less strain and resultant fatigue.  My energy levels are oscillating rhythmically without too many spikes in between.  I wonder if it is because it is a lucky day or if indeed I have control over the pace.  I lean towards believing the latter…

Last night I made some good progress on my writing project.  I am so excited about wrapping it up and taking it to the next level.  I am also watching and studying the progress.  There is a limit to the output I am capable of as long as I want to preserve the quality.  Two thousand words are about my daily max.  I like to use the well analogy here, not just for writing but also for all other activities in life that require energy flow (I guess that’s pretty much everything…).  I remember years back stumbling across a quote from Hemingway.  He said that he stops writing before his well is completely dry.  He likes to leave some water in for the next day.  I believe that whether it is physical or mental energy, it needs to be set in motion, it needs to be used.  But if we don’t feel like exercising or writing or organizing each day after day, no reason to be concerned.  It may just be our well needing some time to be replenished.  Remember to rest and breathe and take it slow sometimes.  It is as important as performing at your highest and what ultimately will lead you to exceeding your expectations.  It is like having vacation at work.  A welcome gift   A nice change of pace…

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