In The Beginning…

Earth-1260Welcome to Dare2Begin!

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So, first, let me answer for you the WHO and WHY.  I am on fire. Just turned 30 and I am utterly ready and keyed up to SOAR.  I guess it is a side effect of my career crisis. Not bad, I’d say.  I have two choices, one black and one white not counting the million others in between.  On one had I can take the lazy road and reel in my misery of having to work 9 to 5 at an office job I don’t find to be my calling, that life sucks, etc, etc.  OR, I can take another road, the one that is sprinkled with glittery seeds of inspiration and whose signposts are comprised of people who are my role models, young women who MADE IT, not necessary becoming instant millionaires in the bank but rather becoming gradual millionaires in their souls because the DO what they LOVE.

So, this is the WHY – I want to be accountable for my decision to start doing what I love for a living and I want to document my journey as it just may help someone else to rise up and step by step, slowly and gently, make their way to the land of their dreams.  Because dream we must! The world needs us – (just look around!) and it needs our deepest dreams to become reality. The world needs more color, more imagination and more joy. And you are it. I am it. We make this world, we do count.   As anthropologist Margaret Mead put it, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

The idea for this blog came to me yesterday as I was receiving a massage. Under the long strokes of soft palms of my masseuse, a transformation was beginning to manifest. For a moment, I was outside of my life’s chaos and able to look at it from a detached distance. I saw all the skills I’ve gained over the years as I listened to the whisper of my passions and followed it’s subtle seductive voice to action. In the last ten years, I learned English language to a point where I could write for a living (I’m originally from Poland although now living in California), something I always wanted to do. Perhaps I could even teach English, a though occurred to me. I could also teach Polish. I studied dance and yoga becoming a certified instructor in vinyasa yoga and hoopdance.  Lastly, I have a novel that is 95% complete. Not bad. Seems like I am almost there, almost able to take a leap into a job-free, freelance world where I can work on my terms but there is just this one more bit – I have pretty large financial obligations… (as most of us do.)  Recently I was hit on a freeway and as a result bought the car of my dreams – a sporty Lexus (I love small fast cars). I can afford it but only if I keep making the money I am right now at my job as an office manager. The thing is, I want out of my job so possibly, the car will need to go.

All of us have talents we are born with. Our baskets are also filled with many fragrant passions that await our attention as they call our name for us to bend down and notice their beauty. We also have acquired many skills and while there is an infinitely large amount of new knowledge and experience to acquire, it might be enough to begin. As Danielle Steel put it, sometimes we must jump and grow our wings on our way.

Spontaneous Love Action – I want to invite you to do something today or in the next few days that is totally personal and spontaneous.  For example, yesterday, I decided to visit a bead shop and ended up making five gorgeous bracelets for myself last night. I had so much fun!  And perhaps, I’ve discovered yet another passion of mine that before I didn’t even know existed. So please, listen to that voice that wants you to play. This is your only life in this skin, with this awareness. Use it! Use the time you have for maximum enjoyment. The bills can wait a moment. They won’t go away. The responsibilities can stand by. You come first.  I come first.

My dream is to be a writer. I want to write the stories that exist in my mind and bring to life the characters that haunt me.  It is my dream and I am determined to make it happen. Step by step. This blog is one of those steps.  I invite you to journey with me and take a moment ponder what it is that really moves you, imagine how it would be to live freely and passionately. How it would be if all that you wanted came to pass. A study revealed that most people as they approach death regret not the things they did but the things that haven;t done. Don’t waste your chance.

Dare to Begin!

Throughout this blog I will do my best to share with you the tools and information I will use and come across as I am working to make my dreams a reality.

Right away, two books I highly recommend if you are ready to make fundamental changes in your career life – if you feel stifled and stymied but are aware of the creative genius that dwells inside of you:  “This Time I Dance” by Tama Kieves and “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

Have a splendid weekend!



2 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

  1. Well I don’t generally comment on weblogs but I found yours whilst I was doing some job research in Yahoo today therefore i thought I might leave a quick note. As you can imagine I’ve gotten a tad distracted after sticking around to browse a few of your posts. You have got some very nice observations here, so I am going to add you to my personal Google Reader for the future. Enjoy the week!


  2. Hiya! I just ran into this site today while searching for a few different exercise terms in yahoo. Hung around a little to take a look around and browse a few of your articles… good stuff. I shall be returning around for a second time in the foreseeable future without a doubt. Go Portugal!! World Cup 2010!


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