Reaching for the Moon: Reflections on the Value of Achievement

It was December 7, 2009 when I wrote the first scene of my upcoming book “Moonchild.” Five years later, almost to the day, what used to be a dream, a mere possibility, is… Continue reading

On Writing

This blog post is a part of a blog tour to which I was invited by Caroline Gerardo of Question #1:  What am I working on now? I am currently working with my editor… Continue reading

Money, Clocks & Personal Legends

Money and time. The ever-coveted duo that ever appears to lack in supply. Seems like in modern times, if we are lucky to have one, it is close to impossible to have the… Continue reading

Instant Success – Fact or Fantasy?

Thanks to the way our media portrays success stories, many people believe that overnight success is a common thing among the rich and famous. But if you read a few biographies, you will… Continue reading

Scattered to Focused. Or should it be the other way around…?

A good Hollywood story, according to industry experts, relies among other things on a thorough exposition, rich character arcs, progressive thickening of action, increasing speed of events and funneling of subplots and character… Continue reading

Carbonated Consciousness

What is happiness? As some of you following my adventures may know, I recently paid a visit to Spain and Greece, the latter of which left me with a deep longing for the… Continue reading

So Much Here…

[Written about twelve hours ago…] It is a beautiful sunny morning in Santorini. My flight departs at 2 pm local time, heading for Athens. The last four days have been amazing. I know,… Continue reading

Matrix Energetics

I’ve always had a hard time with meditation choosing different forms of “meditation-in-motion” over sitting still (think running, hiking, weight lifting, yoga – I know, hardly calming but focusing on the movement effectively… Continue reading

#GetScattered & Santorini Flow

Being with yourself, regardless of whether you are achieving a goal or not, is never a waste of time, in fact it is an opportunity full of often unrecognized value. In our fast… Continue reading

What Pisses My Mom Off (and should piss your mom too…)

I had a weak moment last night – my horoscope even confirmed it was going to be emotional; I be damned, even the stars knew it! – and it’s the kind of emotional… Continue reading